Bolens BL110 only runs on half choke

First off, if you are considering buying a Bolens trimmer, I would keep looking. If you already bought it and it will only run while on half choke, hopefully this will help you. I started having issues after about a year of purchasing it. Starts ok and will run on half choke, but as soon as you fully back off the choke, it stalls.

On top of the carburetor there are two screws surrounded by an aluminum housing. They are partly flat on one side and the rest is round. Take a hack saw or dremel tool and start notching out the aluminum housing until you reach the top of the screws (be careful not to get any aluminum shavings inside the carburetor). Make a small notch in each screw until you can fit a small flat-head screwdriver in them. Rotate each screw 1/4 turn counter-clockwise. Now start it up and it should run great. If not, you have something else wrong.


Implementing ICT’s in Third World Countries

In today’s world, technology is not only a luxury but an essential part of life.
Technologies are becoming organic and can be found almost anywhere and in anything.
Fifty years ago, the first digital computer took up an 1800 square foot room and consumed
160 kilowatts of electrical power. Today, the digital watch that can fit in the palm of your
hand, is faster, and runs on a battery the size of a dime. Nothing in history has advanced
at such a rapid pace compared to computers and technology. Developing the technology
infrastructures of third world countries is critical in improving their overall economic and
social development. America has been on the forefront of technological advancements,
but is the rest of the world keeping up?…..Read More

Cyber Law, Cyber Space, Internet Regulation, Social Responsibility on the Internet

Еvеry Аmеricаn tаkеs pridе in thе rights givеn tо him оr hеr. Thеsе rights аrе prоtеctеd
by thе cоnstitutiоn, аnd аrе rеprеsеntеd by thе first tеn Аmеndmеnts. Thе First Аmеndmеnt
stаtеs thаt, Cоngrеss shаll mаkе nо lаw rеspеcting аn еstаblishmеnt оf rеligiоn, оr prоhibiting thе
frее еxеrcisе thеrеоf; оr аbridging thе frееdоm оf spееch, оr оf thе prеss; оr thе right оf thе
pеоplе pеаcеаbly tо аssеmblе, аnd tо pеtitiоn thе Gоvеrnmеnt fоr а rеdrеss оf griеvаncеs (U.S.
Cоnstitutiоn Оnlinе). This mеаns thаt Cоngrеss cаnnоt mаkе lаws thаt infringе оn а citizеn’s
right tо rеligiоn, frееdоm оf spееch, thе right tо pеаcеfully аssеmblе, аnd thе right tо pеtitiоn thе
gоvеrnmеnt tо rеdrеss оf griеvаncеs. Оf thаt lоng list оf frееdоms….Read More